SunPower Solar System

Environmental Stewardship

One of today’s greatest challenges is balancing the population’s need for energy with environmental concerns critical to a sustainable future. Far West Rice is particularly aware of this balance because the very product we produce comes from the earth.

In response, we teamed with Pacific Power Management of Auburn California to shift our power consumption from standard grid supplied power to a 1-megawatt solar electric system.

Solar Sustainable Power

This remarkable solar system will sustain the milling operation in addition to sending power down the regional grid to the neighboring community during periods of high consumption. It is estimated that this installation will equate to an annual reduction of 1.3 million or more pounds of CO2. For example, that is the equivalent of planting 2,000 acres of trees or eliminating more than 20 million miles of automobile driving.

Four-Acre Solar Panel Installation – 5,500 Photovoltaic Modules – 821KW

California rice fields are home to 230 wildlife species. Photo courtesy of Bruce Johnson.

Bruce is a local photographer specializing in capturing birds in their natural habitat. Some of Bruce’s favorite subjects are found in California rice fields around Far West.